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This website articulates the vision, mission, corporate values, core business, goals and strategies of the University. While the University will be domiciled and headquartered in Zambia, it views the African region as its market place. Thus while it originally seeks to be registered in Zambia under the Education Act, CAP 136 of the Laws of Zambia, as a center of higher education in the tourism industry as well as to be incoporated as a private University under the Companies Act, CAP 388 of the Laws of Zambia, it will also seek to be registered progressively along the same lines in all countries in the region comprising its service area.

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Thue University has from the outset seeked to operate as a viable business venture so as to strengthen and expand its resource base for its long-term survival and growth. It will, therefore, seek to establish multiple income streams based upon its strategic business units.

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The University will seek to engage students and in-service personnel participating on its study programmes as life-long learning partners. this will entail systematically nurturing the secondary school leavers and tertiary educational graduates progressively through its certificate, diploma, under-graduate and post-graduate study programmes, and guided research activities during their studies and after graduation, leading to the development of case studie, publishable articles and other publications.

The University will also strive to enlist those students and alumni on life-long learning and continuous knowledge and skills upgrading programmes through their participation on its specialised thematic or issue-specific courses, seminars and worshops. The alumni will also be enjoined to serve as sources of market intelligence for new needs identification and new programmes development.

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Zambia National Commercial Bank

Account Number: 1394184500181
Account Name: LIUTEBM (Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management)
Bank Branch: Lusaka Business Centre, Cairo Road, Lusaka.

Cavmont Bank

Account Number: 800000007295
Account Name: LIUTEBM University
Bank Branch: Lusaka Square Branch

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Updated forms, January |24.11.2017

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