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This website articulates the vision, mission, corporate values, core business, goals and strategies of the University. While the University will be domiciled and headquartered in Zambia, it views the African region as its market place. Thus while it originally seeks to be registered in Zambia under the Education Act, CAP 136 of the Laws of Zambia, as a center of higher education in the tourism industry as well as to be incoporated as a private University under the Companies Act, CAP 388 of the Laws of Zambia, it will also seek to be registered progressively along the same lines in all countries in the region comprising its service area.

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The University’s fundamental purpose and core business is to offer higher education and training programmes focusing on the tourism industry. Such programmes will, however, be reinforced by specialised consultancy and applied research activities pertaining to the tourism industry in an integrated portfolio of services targeting the growth and development of this industry throughout the region.

Pre- University Programmes

This is a a two semester building programme for students without prior University Knowledge for degree admission , entry qualifications including school certificate at O' Levels or an equivalent diploma.

Programme Entry Requirements- (Graduate studies programs candidates for admission to graduate studies programs must fulfil the following conditions).

School certificate or diploma
Mature students without relevant qualifications but with relevant work experience are encouraged to apply.
These requirements may be varied in individual cases
Professional accreditation exemption

Masters Degree Programs

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree from a recognised university or equivalent qualifications from either LIUTEBM university or any other institution recognised by the senate.

Doctors Degree Programs

Applicants must hold a masters degree from LIUTEBM university or equivalent qualifications from a recognised institution of higher academic standing or status.


Set regulation - adhere to the University's set of rules and regulations
Existing body of knowledge
Accountability-to the peers and not to the system
Social recognition (CSR)

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Our activities are all driven by customer needs and we regard employees as our most valuable asset. We therefore attach the highest priority on recruiting, and retaining outstanding people, and to recognizing and rewarding meritorious achievements, irrespective of race, tribe, creed or gender.

As a University, we are committed to entrepreneurship and commercial viability of the services we offer, giving value to our shareholders, donors, suppliers, users, state authorities, and communities, thus achieving a long-term sound financial standing and sustainable development.

We attach the highest priority to forging and sustaining cooperative partnership and networking relationships in our business with interested international donors and development agencies; kindred universities, institutions and associations; and other stakeholders in government, business and civil society.We also endeavour to be good corporate citizens through the unrelenting social responsibility and user- and environmental –friendliness.

Our University recognizes the uniqueness and diversity of our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, partners, donors and other stakeholders. Further more, we are committed to offering equal opportunities to all, and thus turning this unique diversity into our corporate strength. Our commitment is in the provision of demonstrably superior services with the highest levels of quality and excellence and we seek to continuously create new values through innovation, a knowledge-base, and as a learning organisation.

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Admission form, May | 24.04.2018

Application PDF These downloadable application form is a PDF document.

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